L. (LaRonda) “Lady Bird” Jackson was born in Camden, New Jersey.  Family and friends affectionately call her “Bird”, a nickname given by her maternal grandmother.  She graduated from Camden High School, and then from Seton Hall University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN).

After searching for new and fun opportunities to supplement her nursing income, Lady Bird became an independent consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1995.  She quickly learned the Mary Kay trades of booking, selling and recruiting.  After thirteen years in that business, she took all of the lessons she learned from the National Sales Directors and top directors and left to pursue a career in screenwriting, which was her passion.

Lady Bird enjoyed making up stories for her children.  She also had adult stories that she kept to herself.  One night in 2002, while working in the Coronary Care Unit, she read an article in Reader’s Digest which featured Denzel Washington.  He and Halle Berry had just won academy awards for acting.  He stated that better scripts needed to be written for women of color and Lady Bird accepted it as a challenge.  She spent the next few years polishing her script, listening to CDs, reading books and watching videos about screenwriting.  In December of 2010, she attended a Screenwriting Summit in Los Angeles with Syd Field, Michael Hague, John Truby and Chris Vogler.  Arriving a day early, she hired the hotel driver to take her to Harpo Films (Oprah Winfrey) and Overbrook Entertainment (Will Smith).  Nothing came of that venture, but she had query letters and copies of her copyrighted screenplay ready just in case.    Oprah Winfrey once said that “luck is preparation meeting the right opportunity.”  A few months later, she had her script critiqued.  She received “good to excellent” ratings for her first screenplay “Wish Is”.  In “Wish Is”, as an inner city matriarch prepares to retire, a young woman must decide to take her place.  This fictional story takes place in Camden, New Jersey.

With lots of encouragement from her mother and friends, she decided to rewrite the screenplay as a novel and self publish it in an attempt to raise money to make the movie.  She finished the novel in June of 2012, and called it a “novelplay”, leaving some of the chapters in the original screenplay format.  During this time period, she saw a logline that was very similar to her own in a contest from the same Hollywood company that critiqued her screenplay.   Not letting that get her down, she became more determined to get her story told while encouraging others around her to get their stories published as well.  She published “Wish Is” in 2012 with Abbott Press.

Lady Bird married her husband George Jackson, whom she met when they were in the seventh grade, on July 16, 1988.  She currently works as a nursing instructor.  They live in Moorestown, New Jersey with their four children: George Malcolm, Brielle Monet, and twins Nailah Elon and Laiya Elon.