It all started with a screenplay.  LOGLINE:  “As the matriarch of a New Jersey inner city prepares to retire, a young woman must decide if she should take her place.”

Wish I(s)

Wish I's BookNana Jones believes that her days on Earth will end before her eightieth birthday. As she refl ects on her life, she is proud when she thinks about all the neighborhood children she has nurtured away from the lure of the dangerous streets in Camden, New Jersey. But when she tries to pass her torch to her favorite “Nana Babe,” Diamond Hunter, the young woman refuses to take it.

Times are different in Camden, and Nana and Diamond have different viewpoints of their city. As shops close and young residents move away, Diamond stands at a crossroads. It appears the temptation to leave her demons behind and start graduate school in North Carolina is stronger than her desire to stay in a city that seems to be dying by the day. As Diamond steps closer to fleeing and Nana’s monumental birthday nears, both ladies embark on a day trip with the same goal – to persuade the other to change her mind. But neither has any idea that an unanticipated confrontation is about to force each of them to confront their deepest fears.

In this poignant novelplay, a matriarch and her young protégé must bravely face their uncertain destinies as they learn the most important lessons of life.

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